Tuesday, February 22, 2011


1 week before my hospital stay.
1 week and a few hours before my operation.

Good vibes. Good vibes. Love. Light. Happy thoughts.
Everything will turn out great. I am claiming it.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

In 2010...

Grew up.
Fell in love more.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Lovely. Lost Things.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

The water has calmed

It's two weeks into the new year, and I feel exhausted as ever.

It has been an overwhelming wave of blows after blows.

However, recent events have made me believe that the tide is turning and that things will get better.

Heart drawn with lipstick. I've always wanted to do that. On the background is our view from the 16th floor. Seeing this helps me calm down everyday.

Friday, January 1, 2010

Better. Brighter. Brand New.

In 2009,
I grew up.
Got a job. Resigned after 3 months.
Drank with friends.
Got piss drunk a couple of times.
Watched really great concerts.
Ate really good food.
Moved out.
Moved in.
Moved forward.
Got a job, and got past the 3 month peg.
Listened to more music.
Ate more fruits and veggies.
Made new friends.
Stayed positive.
Got a glimpse of Utopia.

2010 is going to be swell.
As the LSS song of 2009 goes: I gotta feeling.

Friday, October 30, 2009

Hello, my name is


Get your letters from Jessica Hische

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Treading forward

Yesterday, I received shocking news about a friend's best friend dying at gun point. My heart sank as I thought 'Oh no, not again." I cried for my friend as he mourned another fallen brother.

Last week, I cried with a friend as she lost her mother. I felt helpless as I knew there was nothing I could do to lessen her pain. I'm glad that I took the time to visit Tita at the hospital. Even though she was hooked up to so many machines, she smiled when I walked through the door.

Oh, and Patrick Swayze died too.

I wonder how they'll all interact since they're all newbies in heaven. That was the only light, quite comical thought I could weave into the happenings of the past weeks.

I also haven't been feeling well lately. My friend said that I probably need to hug a tree to release some of the negative energy I've been absorbing.

I woke up this morning and the first thing I saw was beautiful blue skies and clusters of white spiffy clouds. I made a silent prayer and trusted God and the Universe to make everything be ok.

I know everything will be ok.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Sad loss for Philippine Cinema

How I wish I didn't have to write this, but I just want to get this off my chest.

I was literally about to go out the door when I received news from my 2bu! friend Tammy: 2BU friends, former correspondent Alexis Tioseco and his girlfriend Nika Bohnic were murdered last night. Please pray for their families in Canada and Slovenia. Philippine Cinema lost a great duo and we have lost a good colleague. Justice for Alexis and Nika!

I cried. On my way to the office, I cried for them.

We were never introduced, but I knew who Alexis was. He was a big (if not, biggest) supporter of Philippine Cinema.

I couldn't believe it was true. I just saw him at the Silent Film Fest last week!

I remember that I sobbed reading through his letter to Nika in Rogue.

Such a great loss!

May you Rest in Peace, Alexis and Nika.
I know you will make beautiful movies in heaven.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

At This Moment...

I am thankful for the blessings slowly trickling into our lives.

I pray that I may have the strength to be patient and tolerant, and have the ability to filter out negative vibes from people who way too cynical and "pa-diff". I suddenly feel tired of trying to understand people and their radical way of thinking. To exert the slightest amount of effort is such a burden. So, I'd rather just like to let go of that.

I pray that I find a happy job that would fit me.

I pray for health, for peace of mind, for sustenance.

The past months has been quite a rollercoaster ride. So much comings and goings on that at some point everything was just too much to bear.

- Found out I had a medical condition that really dampened my spirits. This still has yet to be resolved.
- Got a job. Resigned from that job after 3 months, after realizing that I was meant for something more worthy. My body basically told me to give up the lost cause.
- Mingled more with other people. Enjoyed after-work drinks with my closest college friends. Had to give that up when I resigned. Reconnected with my Miriam friends over Wednesday dinners and dessert fests.
- The latest big blow was when Cory Aquino died. My only clear memory of the EDSA Revolution was going to a chapel near home to pray the rosary while helicopters noisily hovered overhead. But still, when the news about Cory's death broke, I was glued to the tv for all the news about the wake, the funeral march, and the burial. It's such a sad, sad loss for the Philippines.
- But the best new development is that Mike and I are finally Makati-bound. We found the perfect condo for us.

At times, I still can't help but feel tired and drained. But I am thankful. I am thankful. I am thankful.

I am looking forward for things to become more peachy.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Another Contest!

Frances of Topaz Horizon, one of my daily reads, is having another beauty giveaway! Yay!

Maybelline goodies yeyeyaay!

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3rd prize:
Fruity Jelly Lipgloss
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Click here to join!

Now, I'm off to a kikay photoshoot with the girlfriends! One of our friends is learning to be a make up artist, so the rest of us are the willing victims, eerr, guinea pigs haha!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009


Because I do want to be kikay from time to time, I'm asking the Universe for these brushes to be MINE! hahahahahaha!

If you want to get a fair chance at winning this limited edition Shu Uemura Mika Hearts Shu Portable Brush Set, hop on to Beauty for a Living to join in on the excitement :)

I love love love the floral print case! :)

Monday, March 9, 2009

Things are Looking Up

Two quick points:
- Had a blast at the Eraserheads Final Set. Absolutely INTENSE!
- I have a job interview tomorrow! Whooo!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Low Blow

One of the crappiest feelings in the world is a friend breaking your heart.

Fine. Forget about professionalism, but what about common decency? There is such a thing as doing your job, and there is such a thing as bastusan.

I can't believe I was so blind, thinking that you were gods. You can have all the shitty glory you're whores for. I am done.