Monday, July 9, 2007

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In less than 3 weeks, "Team Powernap and friends" will be flying off to Happy Jong Kong (Hong Kong). This trip has been years in the making! Kel and I have never travelled out of the country before. The people in the group have travelled locally (Bora, Baguio, Davao, Tagaytay). Some of us have gone overseas together (HK, Bangkok, Vietnam), but never the whole group all at once. So, it's easy to understand that exciting shit is happening here!

Though I'm super excited (and right now, would rather be in HK than slaving on my directionless thesis), I'm actually on panic mode now because I realized that I have less than 3 weeks to come up with pocket money! It would be insane to go to HK (hello, just in time for the Hong Kong Shopping Festival) with only US$100! Naku po!

We already have the hostel, food, ticket (The Cure concert, Disneyland, etc) expenses covered, but I still have no pocket money! Ayayayayay!

SO I decided to sell off my supposed stock for a delayed consignment opportunity in hopes of getting some much needed cash!

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*Fingers crossed*