Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Dreaming of Manly

Manly Beach, Sydney.
This photo was taken on our family vacation in Australia last year.

The moment I stepped out of the van, and saw the beach, the people, and the blue ocean, I said to myself, "We will have a house here someday."

There was something about the beach town's laid-back atmosphere that made me feel that we could easily feel right at home.

I didn't get to swim then because it was freezing cold (which really translates to: I was stupid and spent all my time shopping).

But I know that someday, we'd wake up to the Australian sun, hear the waves crashing, go out wearing our swimsuits and flipflops, have a champagne breakfast at one of the seaside restos, and we'd see surfers surfing, and sun worshippers baking, and out in the horizon, beautiful white sail boats will slowly make their way out to sea.

How I'd love for that moment to come sooner!

Someday :)