Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Flask Lust

I was doing my usual rounds in Greenbelt3 earlier when I saw this beautiful red enamel heart shaped flask on Firma's window display! Gawd, I love that store! If I had the money, I'd shop that whole store clean!

Anyway, back to the flask. I rarely talk to Firma sales personnel at the risk of them throwing me 'you-know-you-can't-afford-it' stares. "It's P2180, Ma'am." said the gay salesperson after I waited a whole minute for the other saleslady to give me a clear answer.

I could've charged it on my credit card right then and there (just to show those people that hello I can afford it noh!haha! chos!) but I was in my right mind not to. Even if I so so want to, I can't afford to shell out money until our HK trip! :(

I still can't take my mind off it though! And lo and behold, I found it on the net!
What a beauty! I actually thought it came with a gold chain, but I guess it was just another Firma accessory thrown in unto the window display.

Ugh! This is excruciating! I looks soooooooooooooo nice!!!!!!

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In other news, 3 of my write ups came out in today in Inquirer 2bu!'s Secret Manila issue. My writing's all messed up, but at least people can get the idea that these places are worth a try.
Mom and Tina's. Cozy home cooking.
Sango. Japanese Comfort food.
Soms. Affordable Thai Cuisine.

Eventhough I've been writing for Inquirer for about 8 years, I still get the kick out of reading my articles and seeing my name on print. But honestly, the best thing about this whole thing is getting the chance to help out other people by writing about their stuff. I really enjoy the food/things I make reviews of. And I can't help but smile when they tell me that they've received great feedback from what I've written and that they feel very grateful :) It just gets me every time.