Wednesday, July 11, 2007


This Thesis shit is eating a huge amount of my sanity. I still have a long way to go. Lots of pondering and research still to do. It puts me in such a pensive mood.

While stuck in yet another life rut a few months back, I prayed so hard to the heavens. I did not wish for riches to be thrown at my feet, nor did I wish for everything to just end. I just prayed and prayed and prayed that I may always be a wise decision maker. That when the situation gets hard, I will always have a clear mind to make rational decisions. That even at the tighest bend, I can still organize my thoughts and be able to come up with sound options to get my ass (and the asses of others) out of there.

I realized that this Thesis is my last chance to do well while still in school. It has been a long and hard journey for me- yes, it's such a cheesy cliche, but if you're familiar with my college story, you'll understand why it fits like a glove.

I have no big wishes of getting "Best Thesis" or getting the highest grade. I really don't think one should slave for it, pinning for that chance in the limelight day after day. Sorry, but I think that's a bit shallow. That would be a great achievement, and it would be a pleasant bonus. It shouldn't be the force that will drive you to do your thesis work.

For this my final year in school, I realized that my dreams are plain and simple. I just want to do my job well and deliver what is expected.

I've always believed that incompetence can kill you. No amount of hard work can save you if you don't listen and try to comprehend, if you don't use your brain and think, and if you don't use your common sense to use street smarts to get yourself out of a sticky situation.

Now, I better get my butt to school. I have a class in 30 mins!