Wednesday, August 29, 2007

*Sniff Sniff*

I'm sick :( *sniff*

I was sneezing nonstop yesterday, it scratched my throat so bad! Took 2 tablets of anti-histamines, took a bath, gardled Bactidol and slept with wads of tissue stuck into my nostrils.

I woke up still feeling as sick as ever :(
Drank some Airborne but it didn't work much.
Almost finished a pack of Strepsils but they didn't help either.
Took 2 tablespoonsful of Pei Pa Koa. It soothed my throat a bit, but I can feel that it's wearing off.
My throat has never hurt this bad :(

I wish the Hong Kong TST MTR was just around the corner so I can run down and buy me some magic healing tea :(

*sniff sniff*