Thursday, August 16, 2007

Morning Mix Up

Whew! It's been a stressful and busy morning for me! I woke up to see that the photos in my article in yesterday's newpaper was wrongly credited to me. I don't get how they failed to understand my note "Food photos by Zee Castro. Photos of PenPen dolls provided by Ping Medina." I put that on all my emails. My food photos didn't even come out. These photos were provided by Ping, and I just found out today that they were taken by Bea Acosta (who happens to be the friend/sister of a friend).


I'm so so sorry Bea for the mix up!
I cannot apologize enough for this mistake!

I just hope something hugely positive will come out of this.
Hopefully, a lot of people read the article and will be encouraged to head off to PenPen to partake in their homey Pinoy dishes. The resto has pledged to donate 10% of their profit for the month of August to Manikako, an organization that conducts art workshops that aim to empower children through creativity.

I truly believe that it's a wonderful cause. I've even pledged to donate materials they can use for their workshops. I'm giving away old shirts, cloth, ribbons, beads, yarn, sewing notions, paint, etc etc etc to Manikako. It's a good excuse to tidy up the house, too!

Whew! What a morning this has been.