Saturday, September 1, 2007

Closing Time

Whatever happened to Segafredo in Greenbelt 2!?!?

We passed by the area last night, and all we found was an empty store with the lights closed. No explanation posted on its glass doors!

Oh my! I hope they're just doing inventory. Or they just had an out-of-town company trip or something.

Mike and I feel like we're cursed! A lot of the restos/food joints we like going to suddenly just close for some reason. Most of them were in Katipunan.
- Brothers Burger
- Thai in a Box
- that Japanese resto that used to be in Yellow Cab's place
- SR Thai
- that Chinese place that makes my super favorite Beef Brisket in front of SR Thai
- our all-time favorite Thai Canteen

If Greenbelt's Cafe Bola and Kitchen suddenly close down, then we ARE cursed!