Monday, October 8, 2007

Clock is ticking

2 days til D-day!

The pre-delibs last Saturday went ok (had to wait the whole day though for my turn to present!). But the final deliberation is the one that will actually count.


Spent a sleepless night at the hospital looking after my poor brother who's down with intestinal flu. Ifever I get sick, I'll beg to be sent to another hospital! I'd rather pay a hefty sum than be stuck in the craphole that is the Capitol Medical Center. It feels so ghetto, and it feels more of a public hospital than a private one! Except for one polite male nurse, the rest of the staff were like idiots who didn't even have the decency to make my brother feel more comfortable. He's still stuck there (with our yaya, who took over watch duty) til tomorrow, but I really hope he gets well fast and get the hell out of that crappy place.