Friday, November 30, 2007

Midnight Cravings

Oh man, it's 12MN and i'm craving for pritchon and lechon baka. shoot!

Friday, November 23, 2007

My Birthday Wishlist

this might be a stretch, but i'm putting this out there for the Universe to find a way to bring these to me

1. a good-paying, fulfilling job
2. a nice but affordable apartment we can move in to next year
3. customers to buy Wishes and Daydreams and zemirah (hehe!)
4. a nice location for the boutique/cafe i'm tasked to plan for
5. a job for my father, enlightenment for my mother, wisdom and strength for my brothers
6. smooth sailing months ahead and a sure ticket to graduation
7. courage, patience, and big ideas for my most loved one
8. wide lens and flash for my camera
9. to win a slim phone to replace my 5 year-old one
10. a pink or brown small digicam
11. vacation time
12. a stronger peso or an even weaker dollar (teehee. sorry ofw friends)
13. insanely low gas prices
14. visas to anywhere and everywhere
15. a healthy bank account

Monday, November 12, 2007

Nearing 25

The past few weeks have been such a blur. Thesis preparation, deliberations, final papers and projects, work on the side, moving houses, packing and decorating, saying goodbye, getting rid of junk, crying over drama, meeting up with friends, dinner parties, visiting friends, researching for business, lazy weekends, dazed days... So many things have happened, so much stuff have come and gone and miraculously my head is still right in place. Whew!

I'm turning a year older in less than a month. For some reason, I always get sick on my birthday haha But I have a strong feeling that's not gonna happen this year. My life has on cruise mode for the past weeks. Not too fast, not too slow. Just steady. It makes me a bit anxious, but I'm more excited at the prospect of what the new year will bring.

I can feel that all our dreams are just beyond our grasp. It's just a matter of playing our cards right until then.

I think that this past year I have learned to know and accept who I am. Through the decisions I've made, through the experiences I've had, through the kind of life I choose to live, I think I have become the person I want to be.

I read that a girl becomes a woman at the 25. Well, I think it's about time.

In a few months, my life will finally take off unto the direction that it was always meant to be. So for now, I must learn to take things slowly and enjoy the remaining time before the strong, wild, welcome storm! Life us going to be swell, I just know it.