Friday, November 23, 2007

My Birthday Wishlist

this might be a stretch, but i'm putting this out there for the Universe to find a way to bring these to me

1. a good-paying, fulfilling job
2. a nice but affordable apartment we can move in to next year
3. customers to buy Wishes and Daydreams and zemirah (hehe!)
4. a nice location for the boutique/cafe i'm tasked to plan for
5. a job for my father, enlightenment for my mother, wisdom and strength for my brothers
6. smooth sailing months ahead and a sure ticket to graduation
7. courage, patience, and big ideas for my most loved one
8. wide lens and flash for my camera
9. to win a slim phone to replace my 5 year-old one
10. a pink or brown small digicam
11. vacation time
12. a stronger peso or an even weaker dollar (teehee. sorry ofw friends)
13. insanely low gas prices
14. visas to anywhere and everywhere
15. a healthy bank account