Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Future is Bright

I am so looking forward for a brand new year! I know everything will fall into place, and I feel that 2009 will be IT (for so so many things)!

I am grateful that this past year, I was able to:
- graduate. Finally finally finally!
- spend time with my family, play with my cousins, and go on a bonding (albeit a bit stressful) trip to Boracay
- travel and "live" in a different country (although it was only roughly 2 months)
- come to terms with things concerning my melodramatic life. I've come to appreciate all the little things I was able to experience when I was younger. I know that when I do have children, I will do my best to make them have happy childhoods.
- realize that friends do make life more happier. I can't wait for more travels and happy experiences!

Though the past month has really been quite rough, and quite jarring at times, I am super duper confident that everything will turn out alright.

2009 is THE year! I can't wait!

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas is for kids

My favorite Christmas memory ever was seeing a big wrapped present under the tree from Santa. (His name was written in cursive writing in a black pentel pen). I may have been 5 or 6 years old. I ripped the wrapper and inside was this HUGE stuffed dinosaur which I named Dino. (My favorite show that time was, tadah, Denver The Last Dinosaur).

He was soft, green, and cuddly. He had a long neck, round face and droopy eyes. He had orange spikes and spots all over his back. Dino was my favorite toy for a loooong time. I'd ride on his back because he was just THAT big!

I saw Dino years after, and well, he wasn't that big, but at least I have that special memory.

Now, the holidays aren't that sparkly and magical like how it used to be 20 years ago. You just wish for practical things or little packages of indulgence.

It's so ironic how you lust for something extra hard at the same moment that you know you absolutely can't have it.

The cutest Heart Onesie ever. All sold out apparently.
Photo from

Thursday, December 18, 2008

C is for

Things haven't been going well on the health front, so I've been trying to distract myself with food.

I tried out baking again!
The last time I baked was in Australia. TJ has a really great oven! However, my Red Velvet Cupcakes came out a bit droopy :(

Before that, my baking attempts here have all been in vain. I can still remember the rock hard, burnt eclairs I made about 10 years ago Hahaha! The Manangs still tease me about it from time to time.

But since it's the Holidays, and I don't have much cash to spare, I decided to make cookies. Thin and Chewy Chocolate Chop Cookies!

And let me tell you, these are the best cookies I've ever made!

My brothers gave me the rare "Ang sarap, Ate Zee!" spiel Haha! They're even encouraging me to sell it, but NAH, I don't think so.

Masarap siya! Seryoso :)

I'm super excited for the Christmas Cook Out we're having soon. Again, FOOD is keeping me distracted!

Friday, November 28, 2008

Just Delivered

Just in time for the Holidays!

Backstage is located at
2/F Shops at Serendra,
Bonifacio Global City


New Items at F*Art

Rings (P175 each)

Bow Necklaces (P380)
Handcrafted Hairware (P400 and P420 each)

F*ART (Fashion ART)
Located at K-D cor. K1st Kamuning Q.C.
Store Hours: 10 A.M- 8 PM Monday to Saturday
Contact Numbers: 4127311 and 09155705303

Thursday, November 13, 2008

I'm an Addict

Ribbons are my weakness!

I'm a suki at Carolina's.
Every time I go to Makati, I always bring home a bag of ribbons and other crafty baubles. Sometimes when Mike would ask me what I did for the afternoon, I'd lie and say nothing. But actually I would have yards and yards of the pretty, silly, happy colored things in my bag :)
Hehehehehehehe :)

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Winter Wonderland

I love Rustan's!

I've been frequently visiting the store because I absolutely love wandering about in the Home section. The Christmas decorations are lovely lovely lovely!

I was absolutely mesmerized by all the pretty things!

Lovely white theme!

They even had big huggable polar bears and reindeer,
but I was too shy (more paranoid really) to take a photo!

I think I need a smaller spy cam for Christmas :)

I love Rustan's!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008


I ate shrimp yesterday, and I'm still alive! Yahoo!
5 big sugpos. YumYumYum!

I drank Benadryl right before eating coz I was still a bit paranoid, but I am still alive and kicking! Booyeah!

Saturday, November 8, 2008


Accidentally bumped into my dear friend David yesterday :)
I missed him!
We chatted for hours about random things like we used to in college.

If only Koko had escaped from the office, the trio would have been complete!

Friday, November 7, 2008

Couldn't Sleep

So I did this.
This is how it looks in daylight.

Planning to still add more to this.
But most of my paintings usually end up this way.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Change is Coming!

Photo from Yahoo! News

Day Snaps #1

Mike's "home office"

Loved the color palette and the texture!
Wilting plants in between Greenbelt 1 and 5

Walking to Modern Mythology

My "office" at Coffee Bean

One of my favorite spots in Greenbelt

Trying out shoes in Zara.
These were surprisingly comfy.
Must visualize!

Mutton Biryani + Murgh Makhanwala + Mutton Curry=
a belly-rubbing satisfying meal

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

The Weirdest Thing that Happened to Me Yesterday

I found a freakin nail in my shoe.

Monday, November 3, 2008

In a dream

The other night, I dreamt that I was back in "school". The "class" was in this area which looked like the staircase area near the "mountain" in my grade school.(yes, we had a mountain in my school. and it was great, but that's for another post)

Now the weird twist. Ely Buendia was our "teacher". My classmates and I weren't kids- we were grown adults thrust into a classroom setting. Ely then gave a phrase (which for the love of the universe, I really can't remember) and we were supposed to write a song lyrics about.

All my classmates were busy writing, while I just sat there confused. I looked down on my notebook and all I had were scribbles of non-sense words. I knew I was in trouble and I was hoping to miraculously come up with something. Ely then went up to me, and put his arm over my shoulder. He said he wanted to read what I had to write. "Narinig ko, magaling ka daw magsulat." (I heard you write very well)

Then I woke up. Confused.

Friday, October 31, 2008

Vote for Apol

Dear friends,
Please vote for our dear dear friend Apol.
He got into the Uniqlo Grand Prix 2009!
We absolutely love Uniqlo shirts!
When we were in Hong Kong 2 years ago,
all of us horded shirts including the Frand Prix winners.
Wouldn't it be cool to see Apol's designs the next time we go to Uniqlo?!
So click

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

All Rice

Even with my attempt to trim off inches and cut down on motherland's native source of energy,
we've been having a rice fest the past 2 days.

Yummy yummy yummy chicken rice that Mike brought home as pasalubong from Singapore. I am still craving for more!

Mutton Biryani, buttered rice, buttered roti, and Mutton Curry, Murgh Masala (chicken) at Swagat. I love Indian food! I love Swagat! (its along Rada St. in Legaspi Village)

They were celebrating Diwali so we got a discount, free dessert, and a giveaway to boot! It was a Seaworld paper weight with Orcas, which is weird, but it was a nice gesture still :)

Sunday, October 26, 2008


With the girls at Philippine Fashion Week.
Watched Luxewear B to support our dear friend, Czarina Villa.

How cute!
If I were that tall and if my waistline were that thin, I'd wear this to go to the mall!
Loved this palazzo pants piece! Shushal!

Great collection, Mars!
Loved Eric delos Santos' and Dexter Alazas' too!
Wish I had great runway pics, but this bouncer was close to bumping people's heads to stop taking photos. Corny!

Runway photos by Tsard Chua (grabbed from Cza)

Oh My Anthony

SADLY, I am not beside him while he savors each and every dish here in motherland!!!

I used to have this imaginary list of places I'd bring him to, had I had the chance to be his glorified alalay (read: producer) for the Philippine episode of No Reservations. Someone beat me to it! RAWR!!!

My proposed itinerary would have been:
Manila: Walking tour in Chinatown for Filipinized chinese food
UP- to try typical student food: Rodics Beef Tapa, isaw na orange, bananacue
Batangas: Bulalo at some slaughter house
Pampanga: Bale Datung, and other kapampangan fare like sisig
Cebu: to try lechon
Mindanao: for fresh sea food
Boracay: for choriburger and to bask in the Bora sunset
(Anthony does need some R&R for every country visit, right?)
Manila: Chef Laudico's Bistro Filipino for Modern Filipino Cuisine
October Fest- San Miguel beer and Filipino pulutan

I know I'm missing a few more details but I'm too distressed at this point.
I just hope that they'll come up with one hell of an episode!

Now I'm thinking if there is still a remote possibility that I can 'accidentally' bump into Anthony. Hmmm...

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Name Calling

I commented on Daphne Paez's 'What's in name?' post on LJ. I decided to post it here as well.

My real name is Zemirah. I've met a lot of Zees (Zee is my nickname), but never a Zemirah. I used to spell my nickname with just Z, but my tita from the states wrote out Zee in my pasalubongs so I guess it kinda stuck.

It's pronounced Ze-mee-raah. I hate it when people say Ze-maaay-rah. Some friends say Zeh-mi-raah (with matching theatrics), but it's a joke so it's ok.

So why the weird name? My mom (Hadassah) was looking for an interesting name. She wanted something biblical since she and her sisters all have biblical names (Tabitha, Ruth, Judith). My dad (Carlos) and his siblings have names based on feast days of saints (based on their birth dates).

My mom wanted something unique so she picked the Z page from the book of baby names (which I think she got from the church library- I'm not kidding). I'm the first born so she picked Zemirah which means "joy of parents". She liked the meaning so much, she neglected to check the Bible passage until after I was already named. Lo and behold, 1 Chronicles 7:8 reads "The sons of Becher were Zemirah, Joash, Eliezer..." Eh lagot. Girl ako eh. Oh well.

When I was younger, I'd get weirded out with siblings whose names had a common theme (Cherry, Apples, Orange, Peaches), a common name (Maria Cristina, Maria Lorena), or a common letter (Patty, Pia, Paolo, Portia). I never realized that we were one of them! We turned out to be the weird Z family. My brothers names are Zabdiel, Zuriel, Zachariah.

As a kid, I wanted a "prettier" name like Jennifer, Barbara or Patricia. I used to use Lila also, after Lila Fowler of Sweet Valley Twins Hahahaha Now, when sales agents annoy me on the phone, I just say my name is Katrina.

In coffeeshops, I say Z when they ask me for the name for my drinks. Z seems like a no-brainer to spell, but no! It's been written as Zy, Zi, C. What happens when the other barista calls out for my drinks? The scenarios have been:

"Drinks on the bar for Zey!"
"Calling out for 2!"

But the best so far:
"Mocha Frappucino for ZORRO!"

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Catch up Saturday

Met up with the Fine Arts gang over the weekend. Mike and I almost bailed out because AS USUAL we were the first ones there! We already ate a feast and still no friend (except Marco, the resto chef/owner who took time from his cooking duties to say hello) was in sight! As we frenched our way out, got into the car and put the key in the ignition, Ina texted that she was 'near'. 10 seconds later she was parking a car away from us. Hahahaha

I'm glad that we stayed because it was a good night catching up. We reminisced about our rak en rol days at the beach. 14 people cramped in one small cottage in Puerto Galera. Icky bathroom, with a peeping tom to boot. Delata delights concocted in the tiny kitchen. Making a serving platter out of the refrigerator vegetable tray. Near death experiences and stupidity galore. Those were the days! But we all agreed that, at this point, we're too old for such craziness.

If we do go on a beach trip again, I'm booking our own, separate hotel room!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Another Curtain Closing

Tonight, another dear friend will fly off to a place so far away to marry the man of her dreams. It is so bittersweet. Although we know that she loves him dearly, we can't help but feel sad letting her go.

We started at 6, and now we're down to 4. With every girl that leaves the country, a part of us goes with her. And though we vowed not to cry in front of each other, I know we each silently let tears roll down our cheeks when we are alone.

The 5 of us had our last dinner together last Sunday. When the spinach dip was gone and we'd sipped all of our grape shakes, we readied ourselves to say goodbye.

"We'll see each other next year", she said. We kissed and hugged, and at that moment, we knew that things will never be the same again.

We'll miss you, Misheli.
Wag niyo kalimutan magpadala ng balikbayan box ni Cha sa Pasko.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Date Night

We dressed up a little and went out for a (sort of) celebratory feast. We've been holding our appetites for Mamou for almost a year, so I finally said that we should just go and eat instead of waiting for things to happen first.

The steak was to die for. I like my meat medium well, not so rare and bloody. This was absolutely perfect! It came with creamed spinach and mashed potatoes. We ordered a serving of steak rice (red mountain rice) as well. They were lovely!

For pasta, we ordered Lorenzo's Truffle Oil. I can't elaborate much on it. It was delicious. It had such a welcome flavor. I swear I closed my eyes at first bite.

After eating mostly fast food for the past weeks, our date with Mamou was such a welcome experience. I can so get used to eating good food!

Now, we're just waiting for the universe to bring it all in :)

Oh, the Frozen Margarita is a steal for P175!

Mamou is located at Serendra, Bonifacio Global City. Call 856-3569 for reservations.

Read more about it from my fave food blog here.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Daydream Cycle

I'm turning 26 in less than 2 months.

When I was 12, I daydreamed that I'd be successful, and settled down with kids by age 23. Nothing followed that daydream storyline, and now, I'm just me.

A friend said that 25 was his deadline. 24 is still ok, but 26 is too old to get into good companies and make a name for yourself, he believed.

Honestly, if I were to go back to being my 12 year-old wishful thinking self, I'd be utterly surprised at my 'fresh graduate in her mid-20s' standing.

I never imagined that I'd be me. I was always the dreamer. As a little girl, I used to think that I was a princess, and that my real family (read: my parents, The King and Queen) were looking for me. How precious!

Me at 6.

I was always lost in my daydreams. They were always filled with pretty slices of cake, regal frocks, elegant castle walls and masquerade parties.

That part of me still lives, I think. But I always seem to lose touch of what reality is. I tend to forget that life doesn't happen like they do in fairy tales.

Monday, October 6, 2008

In the mood for merchandise

Half a year has passed since graduation, and I am still unemployed.

I'm pondering on applying for a visual merchandising job. This is totally uncharted territory for me. I have no retail/merchandising experience whatsoever.

I enjoy looking at pretty stuff, but I don't think I can put that in my resume.

Whenever I pass by Just G and Gingersnaps in Eastwood and Rockwell, I can't help but gush at their cute window displays. The stores are always well thought of and so nicely decorated, I wish I were the creative genius who designed them!

Pink, Posh and Poochy

Hello, sweet birdies!
This reminds me of a candle holder/lamp that Mike made during his freshman year in university.

Huge Plushies!
How I resist the urge hugging and kidnapping them from the store!

Photos: Taken at Just G, Eastwood, Libis

An ultimate dream would be to have my own store. I'll be the multi-hyphenate maven: owner-merchandiser-stylist-store keeper.

I already have the store name, product line, and even the color palette for the walls, tables and shelves picked out!

Friday, October 3, 2008

Finding Mr. Bear

I've always said that I can't draw to save my life.
Surviving 4 years of art school is certainly the biggest accomplishment of my existence so far.
(Oh, that and passing Math17. Boooyeah!)

However, if I were asked by any random fella on the street to draw a dog, I'd probably give him scribbles of indecipherable nothingness.

Looking through old files, I saw this.
How I realized that I do have sporadic bursts of artistic flair.

Behold! Mr. Bear!

Copied this off an ad for Shangrila Hotel.
I used to carry around a filofax filled with an array of useless knick knacks.

I clearly remember the afternoon I drew Mr. Bear. We were outside the Painting rooms in Fine Arts, the tambayan of the then-barkada.
It was just the usual kwentuhan, lollygagging.

I sat there and I penciled Mr. Bear.
I am quite an introvert at times you know.
(insert rolling of eyes here)

Then, Jeremiah took notice of me and looked at Mr. Bear. He said,
"Wow! Marunong ka pala mag-drawing eh.
Masmagaling ka pa sa ibang tao dito.
Dapat mag-Fine Arts ka na rin!"
(Wow! You know how to draw! You've even better than some people here. You should be taking up Fine Arts as well.)

Fast forward 7 years, I am now a Fine Arts graduate. Haha!
But, I swear, I still can't draw even if my life depended on it.

However, I think I can still give it a try.

Who knows, I might even have an exhibit. Someday soon perhaps!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Happy Snaps

Tidbits from the past week:

San Mig Premium.

Accidentally bumped into my girlfriend Richelle.
Sa atin ang pasko, bru!

Italianni's Penne al Arriabiata after a long day's work.
Absolute comfort food.

Happy Hour :)

Amongst the Trees

At the end of a long day, on my way to yet another appointment,
I chanced upon this lovely spot.

I stood there for a moment. The wind whipping my hair.
It felt magical.


I'm having a good time with this gig.
Shopping without actually buying is kinda fun.
But then again, I can't wear the clothes out.
They're all not in my size!

Friday, September 5, 2008

Gig of the Century

We were there by 4pm! Super stoked to see the best Filipino band of all time reunite AT LAST! It was epic!

Mike, Sam, and Mr. Congeniality Apol.
Uwi na kayo dito! Maraming kaibigan dito sa Pinas!
We will fetch you and your balikbayan box :)

Z and S hahaha

The long wait. Haha Here we are resting on our mat, a P99 raincoat from MarketMarket.
I was afraid it was going to rain so I made sure that we buy a kapote. I brought ziplock bags too so in case it rains, I can keep my gadgets nice and dry Hehe

Mike didn't buy a raincoat and said that he'll just get drenched like a true rock and roll fan Haha

Lapit sa stage!!! Salamat Markus!

Rak en rol!

Standing there with thousands of people singing along to every song was beyond surreal. I still get goosebumps thinking of the countdown, the laser beams, and the Eraserheads being lifted on to the stage and hearing Alapaap. Aaahhh! It was exhilirating!

Oh and the fireworks were WOW!

Sem break. Images of UP were being projected on the screen

At that moment, I was thinking hanep! these guys were classmates in UP. Back then, they were just college kids who loved music. Now, they're the Best Filipino band of all time! Wow! And I was there to be part of such a milestone in the Philipine music scene. Sarap!

For the whole first set, we danced and sang along as best we could Haha There was just so much energy! Ang saya saya talaga!

Before the official announcement, we actually got word that Ely had already been rushed to the hospital. Honestly, my heart sank. Our other companions already made their way out, but the rest of us just stood there, too shocked to let the news sink in. We only got to eat dinner when we heard that he was already in stable condition.

I know that he's better now. Ifever they still do another concert, we will definitely be there. But if not, I'm content with the 15 songs they played. It was such a privilege to be there and see them share the same stage again and hear their music live.

It was the gig of the century. It was the most surreal experience I've ever had. It was the BEST WEEKEND EVER. Sarap!