Friday, January 25, 2008


I'm having a hard time finishing my thesis. I can't concentrate. I can't get my thoughts together. I just want to lounge around, daydream, writing down wishful lists. I'd rather clean house, cook, and imagine how my life would be 4 months from now.

I really can't help it. It's as if part of me has moved on and living in a parallel universe, going about and doing the things she (in essense, I) want to do. That part of me isn't bothered that thesis pre-deliberations is a month away and I haven't done anything concrete towards finishing the project. She isn't bothered with the fact that I still need to get involved with the senseless thesis exhibit that some people in the batch are dreaming to put up in a mall/posh event space/or whatever. She isn't bothered that I can't get myself to work and even write down a well-constructed paragraph.

I like her. Happy, careless, dreamy me.
I want to be her. But I know I have to work my ass off to finally be that person I want to be.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Kid Millionaire

A few days ago, the lottery prize went to as high as P170 MILLION. Wow! So that got me thinking, how would I spend that much amount of money?

- buy a condo in Makati
- build trustfunds for my brothers
- buy my mother a house
- give money to our maids (plus give them raises)
- get a McDonalds franchise
- put up a store/restaurant
- or perhaps, bring in an international retail/restaurant brand
(hmmm H&M kaya?)
- hoard Zara (when they're on sale)
- hoard Top Shop (when they're on sale)
*milyonaryo na nga, kuripot at nagtitipid parin! haha
- buy a car and condo for my dad
- have our family friend's house fixed
- pay for my ninong's medical bills
- have our family house repaired
- fly in my relatives for a holiday
- buy an island
- take a year off to vacation in Brazil, Cambodia, the Maldives, London, NY, Paris and Italy
- buy a car (masaya na ko sa Honda CRV)
- hire a driver
- buy a house in Manly beach, Sydney
- fly our friends to Manly
- go on vacation with friends
- go to the derma (haha)
- build trust funds for future kids
- visit my best friend in California
- buy a Tuscan Villa and put up a bed and breakfast

huwaw! P170M can buy you so much, eh? hahaha!
Now if only I know how to buy a lottery ticket.

**The lottery pot prize has been won. 4 people split P130M.
I wonder how they'll spend it?

Absentee Bridesmaid Guilt

One of my best friends, Lora, is getting married in June. To say that we're both beyond thrilled is an understatement! Sadly, I'm still not sure if I'll be able to attend the wedding :( WAAAAAAAH! Because if things fall into place (and if the embassy gods give me their blessing) I will be heading to the land down under by mid-May.

I am super torn because my aunt and I have been planning my trip since last year but I also want to see Lors walk down the aisle!

I've only known Lora for 7 years but she is such a dear dear friend! The photo above was taken on my frist trip to Bora. She made me tag along on a press trip and for 3 days we walked (our hotel was at Station 3!), ate, and burned to a crisp together. hahahaha! I love her! Sometimes we don't talk for weeks and we only see each other every couple of months, but boy! those few hours we have are absolute gabfests and pig out sessions and just pure girl bonding time!

That's why I'm super super torn! Being away in June would mean missing the wedding that for years we both invested so much love and thoughts in to (hahaha- nakakatawa, Lors!) WAAAH! Being away would also mean that I won't get to see how the fruits of our imagination (haha) would turn out for real! And not to mention, I won't get to wear the sweet and romantic gowns Veejay Floresca would be whipping up for the entourage! WAAAH!

Hay naku! I don't know how things will turn out, and if I do get a visa and if I do get to go to Oz and New Zealand for my "graduation trip", but for now I''ll just be the absentee bridesmaid/ wedding slave at my BFBTB's (best friend bride-to-be haha) every beck and call.

(Photo above is the color palette we're working with. From the BTB's wedding blog. )

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

In 2007

I grew up.


Absorbed new experiences.

Celebrated with friends.

Understood and tried to let go.

Wished and hoped.

I realized that I may not be as succesful and happy as I am in my dreams, but somehow I have become the person I want to be. I am outspoken, unforgiving yet patient, loyal and ever concerned. I have grown up and become a different person, yet a twinge of my dreamy childlike self remains.

Best of all, in 2007, I learned that I am ready for what the new year and our new life would bring.


I hope that 2008 will be kinder to us all