Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Absentee Bridesmaid Guilt

One of my best friends, Lora, is getting married in June. To say that we're both beyond thrilled is an understatement! Sadly, I'm still not sure if I'll be able to attend the wedding :( WAAAAAAAH! Because if things fall into place (and if the embassy gods give me their blessing) I will be heading to the land down under by mid-May.

I am super torn because my aunt and I have been planning my trip since last year but I also want to see Lors walk down the aisle!

I've only known Lora for 7 years but she is such a dear dear friend! The photo above was taken on my frist trip to Bora. She made me tag along on a press trip and for 3 days we walked (our hotel was at Station 3!), ate, and burned to a crisp together. hahahaha! I love her! Sometimes we don't talk for weeks and we only see each other every couple of months, but boy! those few hours we have are absolute gabfests and pig out sessions and just pure girl bonding time!

That's why I'm super super torn! Being away in June would mean missing the wedding that for years we both invested so much love and thoughts in to (hahaha- nakakatawa, Lors!) WAAAH! Being away would also mean that I won't get to see how the fruits of our imagination (haha) would turn out for real! And not to mention, I won't get to wear the sweet and romantic gowns Veejay Floresca would be whipping up for the entourage! WAAAH!

Hay naku! I don't know how things will turn out, and if I do get a visa and if I do get to go to Oz and New Zealand for my "graduation trip", but for now I''ll just be the absentee bridesmaid/ wedding slave at my BFBTB's (best friend bride-to-be haha) every beck and call.

(Photo above is the color palette we're working with. From the BTB's wedding blog. )