Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Kid Millionaire

A few days ago, the lottery prize went to as high as P170 MILLION. Wow! So that got me thinking, how would I spend that much amount of money?

- buy a condo in Makati
- build trustfunds for my brothers
- buy my mother a house
- give money to our maids (plus give them raises)
- get a McDonalds franchise
- put up a store/restaurant
- or perhaps, bring in an international retail/restaurant brand
(hmmm H&M kaya?)
- hoard Zara (when they're on sale)
- hoard Top Shop (when they're on sale)
*milyonaryo na nga, kuripot at nagtitipid parin! haha
- buy a car and condo for my dad
- have our family friend's house fixed
- pay for my ninong's medical bills
- have our family house repaired
- fly in my relatives for a holiday
- buy an island
- take a year off to vacation in Brazil, Cambodia, the Maldives, London, NY, Paris and Italy
- buy a car (masaya na ko sa Honda CRV)
- hire a driver
- buy a house in Manly beach, Sydney
- fly our friends to Manly
- go on vacation with friends
- go to the derma (haha)
- build trust funds for future kids
- visit my best friend in California
- buy a Tuscan Villa and put up a bed and breakfast

huwaw! P170M can buy you so much, eh? hahaha!
Now if only I know how to buy a lottery ticket.

**The lottery pot prize has been won. 4 people split P130M.
I wonder how they'll spend it?