Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Back Then

Back then, everything seemed cheery and uncomplicated. In between classes, we'd gab away, people watch, and stalk then-love interests. There were also silly poems, songs, crazy doodles on filofaxes, and a whole list of secret code names.

Back then, we dreamed of growing old together. We'd talk about how our children would be bestfriends, some even lovers (haha!). We'd often imagine ourselves as old ladies still chatting away while having afternoon tea. Some of us even had this silly notion that we'd all live in an apartment which would be built on one of our friend's front yard, our head quarters, our group's holy land.

We are all growing up and taking separate paths. In a few months, another friend is flying off to be with the man she loves, who amusingly was a guy that we stalked years ago (teeheehee!).

I feel sad for promises long forgot. But if you've done all posible effort, it's time to accept the truth. You just have to sigh and let go.

I miss High School, but I'm happy to be the person I am now. Photos are fun to look at, and we'd always have all those silly memories. It's just too bad that because of the circumstances, creating new memories will be a complicated thing to do.