Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Missing Hidden Zipper

After a hectic vacation with visiting family, I've been catching up on emails, friend's posts and internet chismis for the past few days.

I really feed bad that Hidden Zipper had to, uhm, hide. I've been reading Ms. Angelique's blog for about a year. I met her at a few events when I was still active with Seventeen. I so looked up to her because she was so professional, always made up, and she was geniunely nice to me. She even emailed some photos of my colleagues and I taken an a L'oreal event.

It SUPER SUCKS that suddenly, just because of this DJ Montano-Brian Gorell brouhaha, she was forced to close her blog. I'm sure that some stupid, jologs gossipmongers are behind this! Shame on them!

I SUPER loved her blog pa naman!!! She's a really good writer and I super enjoyed her stories about her parisienne life. Ilusyonada ako eh, so I love reading about other people experiencing things that I can (at this point) only dream about.

I hope that by some freak chance, Ms. Angelique reads this and makes me an invited reader to her blog! Fat chance, huh? So for now, I will miss her posts on Laduree macaroons, luxurious bath and beauty finds, quaint cafes and antique shops, off-the-map travels and hunts, and beautifully-styled French meals!