Thursday, May 29, 2008

On Today's Menu

Beef Stew!

Ok, so this isn't the best photo in the world, but the dish was quite good actually. Hearty, quite spicy, and the beef was so tender. Yum! I left it to simmer for a couple of hours :)

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Down in China Town

I attended the Clothing Exchange in the city today.

This was the dodgy alley I had to walk through to get to the Croft Institute.

It certainly was an alley. Complete with garbage bins, dark corners, back entrances to who knows where, and graffitied walls.

I was beyond relieved that at the entrance to the alley, there was a woman standing with her sweet mum, wondering if indeed we had the right directions. The three of us clung to our bags and braved the unfamiliar territory.

Croft Institute was at the very, very end. It's a super cool bar which has a medical facility theme.

I actually got a good deal out of the whole event. I paid $12 for the ticket, but drank a $16 Cosmopolitan! Mahalia ang cocktails!

The actual event was held on the top floor. Needless to say, there were lots of women geared to scoop up whatever caught their fancy.
I think I went home with a pretty good loot. I'll take photos of them tomorrow.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

My Virgin Eyes

I was walking down random streets in the city yesterday when I chanced upon this gallery. I stopped dead on my tracks because I saw a James Jean print by the window. I went in and ogled at the goods, which practically looked straight out of NotCot.

When I turned around, I saw these.

Seriously, I know I stood there for a few good seconds with my mouth wide open. Original Audrey Kawasaki>s! Good lord.

I would have wanted to buy Mike some prints, since James Jean and Audrey Kawasaki are his favorite artists.

Jean's prints were listed at Aus$400+, while Kawasaki's giclee on wood pieces were priced at $1400.

Didn't have enough cash on me. Probably next time then.

Photos from the Outre website.
Located at 249 Elizabeth Street, Melbourne

Another Culinary First

Beef Stroganoff! It was actually quite good, even though I had to modify the recipe coz I didn't have some of the ingredients.

Yay! The next one will be much better :)

Monday, May 26, 2008

I'm happy to be alive

Martin and I were on the train, heading home after spending the afternoon in the city, when I had this nervous feeling. It was so intense, and came all of a sudden. It actually may have been because of the fact that I had 3 cups of coffee that day, but I was so shaken.

"Marts, can I just call a taxi from your house?"

I was supposed to catch the last bus from the train station 2 or 3 stops away from where Martin lived, but since it was a Sunday, the bus schedule was different.

Outside Caulfield station, there was a line of taxis, and Martin saw me off. He texted me shortly to text him when I got home.

The taxi driver was an old man, and we made small talk. He talked about how his wife would say that she'd spend hours slaving away in the kitchen, just for her dishes to be gobbled up in minutes by their 4 sons.

I paid $18 for the short ride home. That's P750, more or less.
But somehow, I know it was worth it.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Cupcake Attempt #1

My feet still hurt from walking around the city yesterday, so after a quick trip to the shops on the main road in our suburb, I just stayed home and attempted to make cupcakes.

Red Velvet cupcakes are my absolute fave!

Everything seemed to be going well, but...

the cupcakes came out looking sad : (

And a bit burnt :/

They were still yummy, but the cakes collapsed! Ack! I don't know what I did wrong.

I was expecting for a plump, moist cupcake, but I ended up with a deconstructed velvet cake with a dollop of cream cheese frosting instead. Oh well.

I redeemed myself by making squash soup :) Yum!

I want an oven and a hand blender when we move into our new home!

Sunday, May 18, 2008


Yesterday was the coldest May day in Melbourne in the past 30 years.

When we were here 2 years ago, the temperature also hit a record breaking low on (if I remember correctly) Christmas Eve.

Uhm, coincidence?

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Post from Down Under

saw a certain controversial socialite buying siopao (i suppose) at the sari-sari store at the Manila Terminal 2. i missed my paparazzi moment! but she looked chic and not so bangag. in a purple dress and pink headband. didn't see what flight she was taking though!

the flight from manila to sydney was the longest 8 hours of my life. i was starving coz i didn't eat breakfast that morning, and i didn't have enough pesos to even buy water at the airport. stupid me. had chicken for "lunch" and drank a whole glass of wine so that i could sleep. unfortunately, i woke up halfway to sydney and spent the rest of the trip reading Mabuhay magazine, the duty free menu, and even the emergency card. ugh.

stocked up on magazines and gum for the 1 hour + flight to melbourne. PAL food is ho-hum. chicken roll and chocolate cake for Goldilocks for snacks-- naman! i think i'm gonna stuff myself silly for the flight back home.

spent yesterday settling in, cooking, and watching aussie morning shows. it actually still hasn't sunk in that i'm not in Manila.

Globe is boo. they still haven't activated by roaming. ugh.

it's drizzling today, and my cousin said that it's supposedly going to hail. "you're gonna get coo-ooold!", she said. lagot.

we're off to the mall now. i better buy thicker sweaters and boots.