Saturday, May 17, 2008

Post from Down Under

saw a certain controversial socialite buying siopao (i suppose) at the sari-sari store at the Manila Terminal 2. i missed my paparazzi moment! but she looked chic and not so bangag. in a purple dress and pink headband. didn't see what flight she was taking though!

the flight from manila to sydney was the longest 8 hours of my life. i was starving coz i didn't eat breakfast that morning, and i didn't have enough pesos to even buy water at the airport. stupid me. had chicken for "lunch" and drank a whole glass of wine so that i could sleep. unfortunately, i woke up halfway to sydney and spent the rest of the trip reading Mabuhay magazine, the duty free menu, and even the emergency card. ugh.

stocked up on magazines and gum for the 1 hour + flight to melbourne. PAL food is ho-hum. chicken roll and chocolate cake for Goldilocks for snacks-- naman! i think i'm gonna stuff myself silly for the flight back home.

spent yesterday settling in, cooking, and watching aussie morning shows. it actually still hasn't sunk in that i'm not in Manila.

Globe is boo. they still haven't activated by roaming. ugh.

it's drizzling today, and my cousin said that it's supposedly going to hail. "you're gonna get coo-ooold!", she said. lagot.

we're off to the mall now. i better buy thicker sweaters and boots.