Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Best Waffles in the World

I've devoured this delicious, glorious, sinful waffle goodness three times since I've been here.

Drugs sha! Druuuuuugs!

At Theo Broma's Chocolate Lounge, DFO Spencer Street, Melbourne.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Things I WANT to do when I get back to Pinas:

- Get a massage. Massages here are effin expensive. $10 just for the shoulders. Crazy!
- Go to the salon to get a hair cut and have my nails done.
- Eat lechon.

Things I NEED to do when I get back:

- Make money.
- Get a job. Quick.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Healthy living, Not so much Eating

I think I've lost some weight since I got here. I'm not as plump as I was a few weeks ago.

One reason may be because I don't eat as much as I did back home. I don't eat rice anymore. And I think this household's eating habits are rubbing off on me. My cousin doesn't eat breakfast. He only drinks Milo or tea. His lunch baon? 2 ham and cheese sandwiches.

I practically have no gana to eat. If I'm out, I just order a sandwich.

Except for the Red Velvet cupcakes I made, I've only had a few desserts since coming here. I shared a lemon tart and chocolate cake with Martin's girl friends. Had a chocolate-high inducing Belgian waffle with ice cream. (I was honestly scared. It felt like I took drugs. Seriously.) Had a slice of Princess cake at Ikea. (Almond marzipan, yum...) That's nothing compared to my dessert intake track record in Manila.

I've been walking a lot, too. I even brought a pedometer Hehehehehe Just so I'd have an idea how far I've been walking/how many steps I've taken. Mental, i know.

Since 5:30 PM here feels so much like it's past 8, I eat early too. So I'm on the After Six diet, eh? Haha

I've also been drinking a lot of tea and juice. I drink green tea during mornings, cranberry juice and water through out the day, and chamomile tea to help me sleep at night. Oh, and a cup of decaffeinated coffee every other day.

I hope I can keep this up after I head back home.
Now it would be even better if only my face will de-plump.