Sunday, June 1, 2008

Healthy living, Not so much Eating

I think I've lost some weight since I got here. I'm not as plump as I was a few weeks ago.

One reason may be because I don't eat as much as I did back home. I don't eat rice anymore. And I think this household's eating habits are rubbing off on me. My cousin doesn't eat breakfast. He only drinks Milo or tea. His lunch baon? 2 ham and cheese sandwiches.

I practically have no gana to eat. If I'm out, I just order a sandwich.

Except for the Red Velvet cupcakes I made, I've only had a few desserts since coming here. I shared a lemon tart and chocolate cake with Martin's girl friends. Had a chocolate-high inducing Belgian waffle with ice cream. (I was honestly scared. It felt like I took drugs. Seriously.) Had a slice of Princess cake at Ikea. (Almond marzipan, yum...) That's nothing compared to my dessert intake track record in Manila.

I've been walking a lot, too. I even brought a pedometer Hehehehehe Just so I'd have an idea how far I've been walking/how many steps I've taken. Mental, i know.

Since 5:30 PM here feels so much like it's past 8, I eat early too. So I'm on the After Six diet, eh? Haha

I've also been drinking a lot of tea and juice. I drink green tea during mornings, cranberry juice and water through out the day, and chamomile tea to help me sleep at night. Oh, and a cup of decaffeinated coffee every other day.

I hope I can keep this up after I head back home.
Now it would be even better if only my face will de-plump.