Thursday, July 10, 2008

Hanlamig, Hebigat

On the day that I left, the temperature was 7 degrees. The lamig down there is one thing I won't deeply miss. Plus, I don't think I really looked great in any of my winter get ups! Hahaha I had no urge to be fasyon like the Melbourne girls. I just wanted to be warm warm warm!

It was no surprise that my luggage was overweight!

I've been praying for days that somehow things will turn out ok. The PAL website said they'd charhe AUD$31 per additional kilo. Waaah! I didn't have enough cash to pay for excess baggage!

But I was lucky coz the gay guy at the check in counter didn't charge me at all! Woohoo! At that moment, I thought I could have stuffed more things in, but then I'd be pushing my luck. Hahaha

My luggage was 27 kilos (the limit is 20kilos). Plus I had 2 handcarries (limit is 1piece) and they were about 8 kilos each! Yes I am crazy. Hahahaha The shopping bag (in the photo) contained about 8 magazines, notebooks, TimTams, and jackets. Inside my brown bag were more notebooks, more TimTams, my travel documents, Ipod, cameras, phones, things for 'flight comfort', a dress, 3 tops, and pants.

I lugged those bags around 2 airports! We had a stop over in Sydney, and I contemplated on buying a Roxy backpack, but I didn't like any of the designs. But since I already carried the bags through check in and immigration at Melbourne (I was sweating while the guard weighed my bag! buti nalang he said "That's fine" without checking the other one) and through transit transfer at Sydney (where I was stopped for a 'random check'), I'd manage to bring them as they were to Manila. Hahaha

I'm sure there were people looking at me thinking "Tsk! Tsk! Mga Pilipino talaga. Overweight palagi ang bagahe!" Pero deadma nalang.

I swear, next time I travel, I'm gonna buy a trolley or a backpack, and by all means I will try to stick to the weight limit.

My shoulder and back are still killing me!