Saturday, August 9, 2008


Since I read this article in an aussie magazine that girls in heels tend to be more succesful at work than their drably-dressed colleagues, I've been leaving my white shirt-faded jeans-slippers combo at home. Well, I've been trying to, at least.

Consider this office dressing training. Just been making rounds in the mall, but considering my inclination towards comfy (not to mention, borderline pambahay) outfits, I've been putting so much effort in choosing my (simple) get-ups lately.

This shirt/blouse will help me land my first official job. I bought it with that very intention in mind.

I've had this Schu for more than a year, but have previously worn it only once.

Taking inspiration from Sea of Shoes, I've been dusting off my shoe collection and actually putting them out for heavy rotation now.

It's so ironic that though I have dozens and dozens of shoes, I would always just wear slippers!

Well, not anymore. My feet are hurting and I'm sure my big toe of my left foot is starting to hate me, but so be it. The heels are coming out of the closet and taking over!