Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Food Trip

I love food! Lately I've been craving food that's made with love. I have this philosophy that good food entails a lot of passion from the cook. If the cook/restaurant is just out to make some money and are not concerned if their customer's taste buds are satisfied, it really reflects on the food. Kaya ayon, that's just me justifying not eating junk food. (Thus my I-will-not-eat-if-its-not-masarap diet Hahaha)

We were supposed to go in a Binondo Food trip last Saturday, but the plans did not push through. We've been foodtripping in the metro instead.

These are meals we've had spread over the last few days.

Rodics Beef Tapa is one of my comfort foods. It's so simple and delicious, and it somehow reminds me of my childhood.

I used to go to Rodics with my dad when I used to train for swimming or gymnastics in UP. I used to love Rodics spaghetti and bopis, but now Beef Tapa is what I always order. I love mixing it with heaps of vinegar and breaking unto the runny egg yolk. Yumyumyum.

I like that Max's Fried Chicken is crispy and a bit salty. I eat it plain. Banana ketchup tastes too much like, uhm, banana. Haha

We also ate kare-kare at Max's. I ate it with bagoong and didn't DIE! Yey! I used to be allergic to shrimp, bagoong, even any shrimp smell, but I guess it's gone now. Yipee! I also ate a plate of pancit malabon last week at my godfather's wake. I took a mild antihistamine before sleeping though. But I think I'm finally cured of my allergies!

Oh look! Max Fried Chicken only cost P5 back in the day! Wow

I love Pasto's Arrabiata! Pasto really has become one of my favorites. The restaurant in Eastwood looks nice and modern, and the food really is great.

I super love their pizzas too. Thin, crispy and delicious straight from the oven. I also like that Pasto uses good ingredients. The pizza we ordered had prosciutto and baby spinach. I absolutely loved the prosciutto! And the tomato sauce and cheese were just right.

This Pasto meal was just perfect. We also had a couple of beers, but we didn't end up too busog. It was just right. Sarap!