Friday, August 22, 2008

Melbourne Pics

Finally got pics from Martin of our few nights in Melbourne together. Yipee!
Met up with Marts and his Monash friends at Public House in East Richmonde. It took me more than an hour to get there. Waited for the bus, 20min drive to the station, waited for the train, then transfered trains, but it was a good thing that the pub was just a stone's throw away from the station.

It was my first night out in an unfamiliar city. I was alone pa! Martin's friends were so shocked that I got there even before they did. Hahaha! My map reading skills did not let me down.

This was actually Martin's birthday celebration. Everyone was so warm and friendly. United Colors of Bennetton ito! It was a challenge trying to understand different accents at the same time!

Had a great time with the girls :) Whatever nationality you are, girl talk is the same. We chatted over cappucinos and chocolate cake, while the boys wandered off to another pub.

It was freezing that night! As in smoke coming out of the mouth freezing! My layers of clothing did not prevent my tropical butt from freezing.

In the photo: me, Ayesha, Rodney and Flo (who drove me home that night!Thanks guys!) and Karen.

I love this photo! Haha That's me, Martin and Vivek. The two were quite drunk and were bitchtalking the whole time. Haha I think this was before we got lost in the freeway where traffic was so bad coz there was a police check point. Martin wailed, "Alchohol breath test! Oh no!" but only the driver, Flo, was asked to breathe into the test thing. On the way to the house we had to pull over to let Rodney puke and bring Vivek home. Malamig yung gabing yon! Malamig!

It was a fun night, and I didn't feel out of place at all :) Ifever the Monash people come to Pinas, I'll help Martin make them all get piss drunk on Tanduay and San Miguel. Beer was so expensive! $7 a schooner! Buti nalang libre :) (Thanks guys!)

This shot was taken at Degraves. It's this small laneway that had cafes, restuarants, and tables in the middle. The waiter was not pleased that we didn't order the chocolate cake, even after he said it was the best in the world. Haha
And alas, my only decent pic in Melbourne! We chanced upon this wall as we were looking for this dimsum place Martin wanted to go to after mass.

I miss walking in the city!