Tuesday, August 19, 2008

More food

It's weird that Dencios is now branded as Pugad Dencios. The Pugad Baboy characters are in all their collaterals. It's quite cute narin. I love Pugad Baboy! Hmmm I wonder if Pol Medina is already a part owner.

This sisig would have been better had it had an egg and more meat than chicharon.

Caught Anthony Bourdain's New York episode the other night. This Sabrett hotdog is the closest I can get to a Gray's Papaya. Oh well, I can imagine that Gray's Papaya will taste much mcuh better, but since I can't jet off to the Big Apple, masarap narin to. It is a New York brand after all. I like hotdogs that are meaty. You can hear the skin snap when you take a bite. It had a bit of chili also. Reminded me of A&W's chilidog from back in the day. Oh yum.

I loved A&W's! The ice cream sundae waffle was my absolute favorite! I always picked marshmallows and choco fudge as my toppings.