Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Catch up Saturday

Met up with the Fine Arts gang over the weekend. Mike and I almost bailed out because AS USUAL we were the first ones there! We already ate a feast and still no friend (except Marco, the resto chef/owner who took time from his cooking duties to say hello) was in sight! As we frenched our way out, got into the car and put the key in the ignition, Ina texted that she was 'near'. 10 seconds later she was parking a car away from us. Hahahaha

I'm glad that we stayed because it was a good night catching up. We reminisced about our rak en rol days at the beach. 14 people cramped in one small cottage in Puerto Galera. Icky bathroom, with a peeping tom to boot. Delata delights concocted in the tiny kitchen. Making a serving platter out of the refrigerator vegetable tray. Near death experiences and stupidity galore. Those were the days! But we all agreed that, at this point, we're too old for such craziness.

If we do go on a beach trip again, I'm booking our own, separate hotel room!