Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Daydream Cycle

I'm turning 26 in less than 2 months.

When I was 12, I daydreamed that I'd be successful, and settled down with kids by age 23. Nothing followed that daydream storyline, and now, I'm just me.

A friend said that 25 was his deadline. 24 is still ok, but 26 is too old to get into good companies and make a name for yourself, he believed.

Honestly, if I were to go back to being my 12 year-old wishful thinking self, I'd be utterly surprised at my 'fresh graduate in her mid-20s' standing.

I never imagined that I'd be me. I was always the dreamer. As a little girl, I used to think that I was a princess, and that my real family (read: my parents, The King and Queen) were looking for me. How precious!

Me at 6.

I was always lost in my daydreams. They were always filled with pretty slices of cake, regal frocks, elegant castle walls and masquerade parties.

That part of me still lives, I think. But I always seem to lose touch of what reality is. I tend to forget that life doesn't happen like they do in fairy tales.