Monday, October 6, 2008

In the mood for merchandise

Half a year has passed since graduation, and I am still unemployed.

I'm pondering on applying for a visual merchandising job. This is totally uncharted territory for me. I have no retail/merchandising experience whatsoever.

I enjoy looking at pretty stuff, but I don't think I can put that in my resume.

Whenever I pass by Just G and Gingersnaps in Eastwood and Rockwell, I can't help but gush at their cute window displays. The stores are always well thought of and so nicely decorated, I wish I were the creative genius who designed them!

Pink, Posh and Poochy

Hello, sweet birdies!
This reminds me of a candle holder/lamp that Mike made during his freshman year in university.

Huge Plushies!
How I resist the urge hugging and kidnapping them from the store!

Photos: Taken at Just G, Eastwood, Libis

An ultimate dream would be to have my own store. I'll be the multi-hyphenate maven: owner-merchandiser-stylist-store keeper.

I already have the store name, product line, and even the color palette for the walls, tables and shelves picked out!