Sunday, October 26, 2008

Oh My Anthony

SADLY, I am not beside him while he savors each and every dish here in motherland!!!

I used to have this imaginary list of places I'd bring him to, had I had the chance to be his glorified alalay (read: producer) for the Philippine episode of No Reservations. Someone beat me to it! RAWR!!!

My proposed itinerary would have been:
Manila: Walking tour in Chinatown for Filipinized chinese food
UP- to try typical student food: Rodics Beef Tapa, isaw na orange, bananacue
Batangas: Bulalo at some slaughter house
Pampanga: Bale Datung, and other kapampangan fare like sisig
Cebu: to try lechon
Mindanao: for fresh sea food
Boracay: for choriburger and to bask in the Bora sunset
(Anthony does need some R&R for every country visit, right?)
Manila: Chef Laudico's Bistro Filipino for Modern Filipino Cuisine
October Fest- San Miguel beer and Filipino pulutan

I know I'm missing a few more details but I'm too distressed at this point.
I just hope that they'll come up with one hell of an episode!

Now I'm thinking if there is still a remote possibility that I can 'accidentally' bump into Anthony. Hmmm...