Monday, November 3, 2008

In a dream

The other night, I dreamt that I was back in "school". The "class" was in this area which looked like the staircase area near the "mountain" in my grade school.(yes, we had a mountain in my school. and it was great, but that's for another post)

Now the weird twist. Ely Buendia was our "teacher". My classmates and I weren't kids- we were grown adults thrust into a classroom setting. Ely then gave a phrase (which for the love of the universe, I really can't remember) and we were supposed to write a song lyrics about.

All my classmates were busy writing, while I just sat there confused. I looked down on my notebook and all I had were scribbles of non-sense words. I knew I was in trouble and I was hoping to miraculously come up with something. Ely then went up to me, and put his arm over my shoulder. He said he wanted to read what I had to write. "Narinig ko, magaling ka daw magsulat." (I heard you write very well)

Then I woke up. Confused.