Thursday, December 18, 2008

C is for

Things haven't been going well on the health front, so I've been trying to distract myself with food.

I tried out baking again!
The last time I baked was in Australia. TJ has a really great oven! However, my Red Velvet Cupcakes came out a bit droopy :(

Before that, my baking attempts here have all been in vain. I can still remember the rock hard, burnt eclairs I made about 10 years ago Hahaha! The Manangs still tease me about it from time to time.

But since it's the Holidays, and I don't have much cash to spare, I decided to make cookies. Thin and Chewy Chocolate Chop Cookies!

And let me tell you, these are the best cookies I've ever made!

My brothers gave me the rare "Ang sarap, Ate Zee!" spiel Haha! They're even encouraging me to sell it, but NAH, I don't think so.

Masarap siya! Seryoso :)

I'm super excited for the Christmas Cook Out we're having soon. Again, FOOD is keeping me distracted!