Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Future is Bright

I am so looking forward for a brand new year! I know everything will fall into place, and I feel that 2009 will be IT (for so so many things)!

I am grateful that this past year, I was able to:
- graduate. Finally finally finally!
- spend time with my family, play with my cousins, and go on a bonding (albeit a bit stressful) trip to Boracay
- travel and "live" in a different country (although it was only roughly 2 months)
- come to terms with things concerning my melodramatic life. I've come to appreciate all the little things I was able to experience when I was younger. I know that when I do have children, I will do my best to make them have happy childhoods.
- realize that friends do make life more happier. I can't wait for more travels and happy experiences!

Though the past month has really been quite rough, and quite jarring at times, I am super duper confident that everything will turn out alright.

2009 is THE year! I can't wait!