Tuesday, February 3, 2009

reposting from Fezbook

Once you've been tagged, you are supposed to write a note with 25 random things, facts, habits, or goals about you. At the end choose 25 people to be tagged. You have to tag the person who tagged you. If I tagged you, it is because I want to know more about you.

1. I have very good sense of direction. Ask Mike! I am obsessed with maps. But I still do get lost from time to time.

2. I am addicted to magazines. I buy at least 6 magazines a month (including back issues of foreign titles from Booksale). Issues from up to 10 years ago are still piled up in our house. Fire hazzard! I have just recently learned to "let go" and allow myself to (GASP!) tear out pages and throw out some.

3. I'm a shoe-killer. I wear my favorite shoes over and over until they're so worn out that I have to let them go! Sadness.

4. I believe in past lives and parallel universes.

5. I was a Girl Scout from Grade 3 to 2nd year High School. I never missed a camp/ cook out/ activity, and even went to Japan for an exchange program.

6. I get cold easily. My toes and my nose are always the first to freeze.

7. I consider passing Math 17 in one take as one of my greatest academic achievements.

8. I can't live with a small bag. My normal everyday bag weighs around 5 pounds. Yikes. That's why my left shoulder is shot.

9. My classmates used to call me "4 eyes". I wore really thick eyeglasses for about 12 years. I had Lasik surgery in 2005 and boy, was it a life changer.

10. I like taking photos. But I've always had a bad habit of not sharing them with other people. I still have dozens of rolls of undeveloped film from probably 8 years back. Hehehehe

11. Purple used to be my favorite color. Now, its pink. But it changes frequently, actually.

12. Cooking makes me happy. As in. I am cooking-obsessed. I read food blogs everyday, and I have a collection of cooking utensils, recipe books and what not, all saved up for when I have my "own kitchen".

13. Trash tv is my guilty pleasure.

14. On my most recent trip, I lugged around roughly 15 kilos of baggage across 2 cities and 2 countries. My check-in luggage was already overweight. Hehehehe

15. The first cassette tape I bought was I Like You by Geneva Cruz

16. Bacon is MMMMMM heaven!

17. I like watching baduy, pinoy pop movies on Cinema One. Nalelate ako pumasok sa class dati kasi gusto ko muna tapusin yung sine.

18. I have no problem with eating alone in restaurants. I consider it "me time".

19. I'm scared of ghosts/monsters. So when you're telling a scary story and I cover my ears and beg you to stop, please stop. I couldn't sleep properly for 3 days after watching Resident Evil. *shudder*

20. I love taking trains in other countries, but I am scared of the mad rush of people here at home.

21. I hate (most) fish. Ayoko siya. Nasusuka ako sa amoy. But I like sushi!

22. I was a sporty kid. My dream was to be an Olympian. I was into gymnastics and swimming. I quit gymnastics because my lolo forgot to pick me up from school to bring me to training. At Grade 4, getting picked up at 7PM was very traumatic for me. I was invited to train for the UP Swimming Team but I declined. I was still in grade school, and training was at 5pm. Ayoko kasi I was afraid of the pool. Kasi scary yung tiles, and I'm afraid of sharks eh.

23. I hate getting tinga. It drives me insane.

24. I believe I was in my prettiest state when I was in 2nd year high school. Minus the glasses, ang payat ko, and ganda ng buhok ko (layered, ala Rachel/ Jennifer Aniston). And did I mention, ang payat ko?

25. When ordering food, I always have a "default" order, then at the last minute I'll change my mind and decide to try something new. When the waiter comes, I say my default order. Then I usually feel bad afterwards for not ordering something else.